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Sex Positive

2013 R 76 minutes

Actor: Don Adler, Richard Berkowitz, Susan Brown, Demetre Daskalakis

Director: Daryl Wein

Audio: English

Genre: Documentary, Movies


Maybe it took somebody with no investment in the sexual-culture wars of the 1980s, like 24-year-old filmmaker Daryl Wein, to rediscover a lightning-rod figure like safe-sex pioneer Richard Berkowitz and present him without prejudice. A one-time S/M hustler, Berkowitz and his friend Michael Callen, supported by controversial AIDS researcher Joseph Sonnabend, began urging gay men to avoid unprotected sex as early as 1982 -- and were treated as pariahs by the mainstream gay community. Berkowitz is a fascinating, prickly, decidedly unsaintly character, and Wein's film provides a compelling and crucial slice of traumatic sexual history that's all but invisible to younger generations.

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