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The King's Speech

2011 12 113 minutes

Actor: Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter, Derek Jacobi, Robert Portal, Geoffrey Rush, Guy Pearce, Timothy Spall, Jennifer Ehle, Anthony Andrews, Claire Bloom, Eve Best, Michael Gambon, Richard Dixon, Paul Trussell, Adrian Scarborough, Andrew Havill, Charles Armstrong, Roger Hammond, Calum Gittins, Dominic Applewhite, Ben Wimsett, Freya Wilson, Ramona Marquez, David Bamber, Jake Hathaway

Director: Tom Hooper

Audio: English

Subtitles: English

Genre: British, Drama, Biography, Movies, Historical


After the death of his father, King George V and the scandalous abdication of King Edward VIII, Bertie who has suffered from a debilitating speech impediment all his life, is suddenly crowned King George VI of the United Kingdom.

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