Wizards vs. Aliens

2012 27 minutes 1 Season(s)

Actor: Scott Haran, Annette Badland, Michael Higgs, Percelle Ascott

Audio: English

Genre: Drama, Family, Action and Adventure

Tom Clarke may look like your average 16 year old- he's a hero of the school football team, he does his 'best' to remember his homework, and he has an eye for classmate Katie. But he has a secret you'd never imagine - hes the latest generation in a long family bloodline of wizards! He lives with his 'Enchanted' (wizard) gran Ursula and 'Unenchanted' (non-wizard) father Michael, who works as a vet. His mother Helen, also a wizard, died when he was young during a magical conflict. Tom, like all wizards, keeps his powers and the existence of magic secret- but cheekily isn't beyond using one of his three-spells-a-day (a wizard's quota) to finish his homework, or help him with the odd winning goal when he's playing a match! But that's all about to change. Tom and his newfound friend, science geek Benny Sherwood, discover that aliens have arrived in orbit above the Earth, and they want to consume all of the magic on the planet! The alien Nekross have already started to steal wizards from the planet and drain them of their magical energy- leaving them powerless and aged. They have travelled the universe, draining worlds of their magic and consuming it, and the Earth is the last magical planet left in existence! To aid in their quest, they have all manner of incredible technology at their disposal, including matter transporters, laser guns, and mind-controlling robots! On a school trip to the mysterious and magical Burnt Hill Stone Circle, Benny and Tom find a magical ring which had been dropped by a wizard who was kidnapped by the Nekross. The Nekross send one of their mind-controlling robots (the Voolox) to possess the boys' teacher and capture the magic-imbued ring. When they get back to school, the Voolox reveals itself and Tom uses a spell to defend them from its attack. They are then confronted at gun-point by Lexi, one of the Nekross, who transports down from the spaceship. Tom has used his three spells for the day and has no magic left to defend them with, but his gran Ursula steps in to protect them! On revealing herself to being a wizard, Lexi transports both her and Tom back to the ship, where they are taken before the huge, bloated form of the monstrous Nekross King...

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