The Fox and the Hound

1981 U 83 minutes

Actor: Mickey Rooney, Kurt Russell, Pearl Bailey, Jack Albertson, Sandy Duncan, Jeannette Nolan, Paul Winchell, Pat Buttram, Jeanette Nolan, John Fiedler, John McIntire, Richard Bakalyan, Keith Coogan, Corey Feldman, 'Squeeks' the Caterpillar, Candy Candido, Brian Harvey, Clarence Nash

Director: Art Stevens, Ted Berman, Richard Rich, Ted Berman

Audio: English

Genre: Drama, Animation, Action and Adventure


In this delightful blend of vibrant animation and breathtaking action you'll meet two best friends who didn't know they were supposed to be enemies. The fun and adventure begins when a lonely widow adopts an orphaned fox cub named Tod. The mischievous fox soon meets up with Copper, an adorable hound puppy. As the innocent pair grow up together in the forest, they become inseparable friends.

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