2010 15 107 minutes

Actor: Ben Stiller, Florence Marr, Ivan Schrank, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Brie Larson, Juno Temple, Chris Messina, Greta Gerwig, Koby Rouviere, Sydney Rouviere, Susan Traylor, Merritt Wever, Emily Lacy, Aaron Wrinkle, Heather Lockie, Chris Coy, Zach Chassler, Mina Badie, Rhys Ifans, Blair Tefkin, Mark Duplass, Jake Paltrow, Charlotte Vida Silverman, Nicole Luizzi

Director: Noah Baumbach

Audio: English

Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy and Entertainment


Roger is having a mid-life crisis. A 40-year-old carpenter, he's single and doesn't drive so when he goes to LA to housesit for his brother he decides to turn his life around. When things don't work out with his former band mates, however, he turns to Florence, his brother's assistant for help. Has he made a connection?

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