Dirty Harry

1972 18 102 minutes

Actor: Clint Eastwood, Harry Guardino, Reni Santoni, John Vernon, John Mitchum, Andrew Robinson, Josef Sommer, John Larch, Mae Mercer, Lyn Edgington, Ruth Kobart, Woodrow Parfrey, William Paterson, James Nolan, Maurice Argent, Jo de Winter, Craig Kelly, Ann Bowen, George Burrafato, Joy Carlin

Director: Don Siegel

Audio: English

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Crime, Movies, Action and Adventure


Controversial but setting the mould for action-packed movies, DIRTY HARRY tells the story of tough cop Harry Callahan. He's assigned to stop a psychotic killer who has kidnapped a young girl and is told to bring the ransom money alone. Cue one of the most exciting ransom deliveries in film history.

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